Welcome to the Graflex Camera Collection of Bruce Thomas, Australia.

No other make of camera defined American professional photography for as long as Folmer & Schwing/Graflex. From the turn of the 20th century, through both World Wars and into the 1970s the words Graflex, Speed Graphic and Crown Graphic conjure up images of the worlds most instantly recognised photographs, some of which are shown below. Tough, reliable and versatile they were, and indeed are still, a very special camera.

On this site there is a large military section as Graflex supplied the majority of cameras to the US Armed Forces from WWI through to the Vietnam War.

I hope you enjoy looking through the collection, which is of course not nearly complete and discover the history and model identification pages as well. If you have any questions or further information about any of the cameras please feel free to contact me, with other Graflex collectors especially welcome.
Holding your cursor over any thumbnail will bring up a small description of that item. Clicking on any thumbnail on the other pages will bring up a larger photo and a more detailed description.

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Many thanks to all the knowledgeable folks at (especially Les Newcomer for all his valuable information), to Ken Metcalf (USA), Laurent de Miollis (Paris) and Georges Laloire (Belgium) for their inspiration.

This website will be enlarged as time permits and there will be more photos and information on every camera, so call back regularly.

The Collection is not intended to have every variation of every model made (once you start digging, the bigger the hole gets!), nor will there probably be many of the earlier, more esoteric models as they are extremely hard to source from Down Under.

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